Trommelfilter paneel

About our filter panels

Top Zeven has its own, exclusive, line of filter panels for rotary drum filters (RDFs). The Top Zeven panels are used worldwide on a wide range of drum filters in many markets. The substrate of the panel is made of foamed pvc, a low weight, bendable and uv-resistant material. As filter-medium one can choose for polyester mesh or for stainless steel mesh.

For larger drums in professional markets, polyester mesh is advisable as it offers elasticity needed to deal with large water volumes. For smaller drums (up to Ø 700 mm) in less stressful processes also stainless steel mesh can be used. An important application for this type of panel is the drum filter used for private ponds, like koi-ponds or swimming ponds.

The advantage of stainless steel mesh is that it has a better water flow, it can be cleaned easier, and it is resistant to sunlight. Numerous drum filter producers for the hobby market use Top Zeven drum filter panels with stainless steel mesh, mainly with mesh types in 75 and 120 micron.


A very cost effective solution

Short delivery times

Standard types sold directly from stock

Flexible and bendable

Pre-bent into required diameter

Manufacturable in every size up to 1500 x 800 mm.

Different slot sizes for different flow rates

Easy to install and easy to replace

Manufacturable with different polyester and stainless steel meshes

Made to specific design

Design examples